Retail Online is still running low in Indonesia, but in the UK, online retail can run successfully. As with Argos. Only selling by catalog, retail sales could reach up to Rp 60 trillion / year. Interested?

Shopping through catalogs in the UK has developed since an 60-year and appeared to be running. Evidence, companies such as Argos have been established since 1973 and was successful until now. Unlike the traditional retailer, Argos has more than 700 shops those are not displaying goods. Shops is the place to take items that are selected through a catalog, or delivery to your home. So, consumers just choosing the products from catalogs, ordering, paying and will be transfered to home.

Argos was founded by Richard Tompkins. Argos catalog originally issued 2x a year. Plus a special Christmas catalog.In 1 edition, includes about 1500 pages that contain photos of products, pricing, and product code. But in 2006, the Argos catalog-catalog issued in certain months, and also special products such as catalog furniture and home equipment.

How does the Argos work?
After ordering consumer goods through the website and pay online via credit card, customers get a receipt.
With the receipt of this to come to the nearest Argos store. Now, with the technology , Argos can even send a receipt,
by text massages and tell to consumers if the goods are ready for pick.

Although Argos business model can be successful in the UK, but this business model is still difficult to grow in Asia, including in Indonesia. Character of consumers still think that shopping is a recreation, which make consumers less likely to come and choose the goods directly. Especially with the coming to retail, consumers can purchase goods in other unexpected (impulse buying).